Step it Up for Recycle Week with Purple Mash

Sept. 15, 2021

Step it up for Recycle Week! That’s the theme for this year’s Recycle Week, which runs from 20th to 26th September. The organisers WRAP bring together all kinds of organisations from across the country to encourage all of us to recycle as much as we can.

So, we’ve put together a range of activities within Purple Mash that you can use to inspire children to develop recycling as a lifelong habit.

Writing Projects

Should people recycle their household waste? Use our worksheet to prepare a debate on the issue and encourage critical thinking. Other writing projects address circular, linear and recycling economies and the main waste issues we face, giving children an opportunity to express what they know about them. All writing projects come with structural cues, sentence starters and extension activities to keep everyone involved and these can all be edited in teacher mode too.

Recycling week FB.png

After your debate, why not use this template to create a poster to encourage others to take action to move towards more recycling and eventually a circular economy. There is plenty of clipart to choose from and children can upload or even draw their own images.

Alternatively, your class could design posters promoting recycling or warning of the dangers of littering. Just remember, think before you print! If you want to display them, you can build a digital display board right there, within Purple Mash itself and make it available for friends and family to see.

Some children might enjoy designing their own recycling logo or filling our recycling box with drawings of all the things they would recycle. They can do both those things with the recycling painting projects, perfect for younger learners and available in the Recycling area of Purple Mash.

Resources for younger Learners

Why not take EYFS children on a trip to Simple City’s very own virtual recycling centre, where they can learn all about what recycling is, the types of things that are recycled and a lot more. They can even have a go at sorting waste themselves and have fun assembling themed puzzles.

We’ve put together printable resources that younger learners can use throughout the week, such as badges for the recycling champions and signs for their very own recycling centre, which they could build from recycled materials perhaps. To explain it all, there’s also a Printable Resources Guide complete with activity ideas and questions for recycling champions.

Whatever you’re looking for this Recycling Week, there are lots of activities to discover in the Recycling area of Purple Mash.

We would love to see what your class come up with. Share your work with us on Facebook or Twitter using the #RecycleWeek.