Red Nose Day - 19th March

March 15, 2021

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 19th March, there are lots of activities that schools can get involved with in school and at home. Comic Relief continues to make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the Uk and around the world. They partner with projects and organisations and since Comic Relief began, they have helped 14.3 million people across the UK and 91.3 million internationally.

Comic Relief have a range of resources that can be used in school on the 19th March. These include assemblies, fundraising ideas and quizzes. We have also put together a range of activities that you can use on Purple Mash during the week and on the day itself.

Why not ask the children to create a poster for an event that you might be holding online or in school. Children could also research one of the projects, organisations and charities supported by Red Nose Day and find out their aims and the causes that they help wither in the UK or further away. Red Nose Day is all about the funny, and we could all do with a laugh at the moment, children can use this leaflet template to compile their best jokes, you could even create a display board to share them all on. Or use this template to make a funny cartoon stirp on a theme of their choice, we have also produced a printable blank comic book outline that children can use to create a funny comic for Red Nose Day.

Every year Comic Relief produce a range of t-shirts, this year they all include characters from Disney Pixar, we think that your children could come up with some fantastic designs for future t-shirts, use this template to showcase their designs. They could also draw their own funny face, not forgetting to add in a red nose and deely boppers. We have created a game using 2DIY3D, children need to hunt the red noses, and after playing the game they can then add some more levels of their own.

Whatever you do for #RedNoseDay, we would love for you to share your work on either our Twitter or Facebook pages.