National Pet Month

March 23, 2021

From April 1st - May 3rd, we’re celebrating National Pet Month. National Pet Month is one of our favourite awareness months as here at 2Simple, a lot of us own our own little animals! National Pet Month is all about raising awareness for pet welfare and spreading the word on responsible pet ownership.

Using Purple Mash, you can celebrate National Pet Month with several activities we’ve prepared that can be used with your pupils to teach and reinforce the importance of pet welfare. Try out our Lost Dog or Lost Cat poster templates to design a poster about your missing pet! Include important information that means they’ll be found quickly – do they have an unusual marking on their fur? What colour are their eyes?

You can also write an information text about cats and dogs and tell us all about either your own dogs and cats, or you could research the dog or cat you would like to own – what's their favourite food? Which toy do they prefer? You can even use 2Count to make a Pet Pictogram to see how many pupils in your class have a certain animal and for the younger pupils use our Goldfish Bowl Paint Project to paint your fish in its bowl, or use our My Animal Paint Project to design your very own animal! You could create an elebra (Elephant and Zebra mix) or a cog (Cat and Dog in one!)

This year, we launched our brand new 2Simple dog coats! The 2Simple dog coats are for teachers whose dogs join them in school. Dogs can help in school because they can help students with anxiety, or other problems and makes the school environment feel more welcome.

Dill is the school dog at Old Earth School and is a cockapoo who absolutely loves her new 2Simple Dog Coat. If you have a school dog and would like to order them their very own branded coat, just send us an email to community@2simple.com.

As usual, we love seeing your pets and your schoolwork, so please share with us on our Facebook and Twitter using the #NationalPetMonth.