Egg-cellent Easter Activities

April 3, 2020

A cracking set of Easter-themed activities and resources for your pupils to use at this egg-cellent time of year. You can access the folder for Easter resources here.

For our youngest users there's a range of egg-stremely useful resources in Mini Mash including labels, pictures and a range of time saver activities.

There are a range of egg-ceptional writing activites in Purple Mash, here are some suggestions:

  1. Watch the short video with your class and then write a letter to a friend explaining the Easter story.
  2. Find out in which country locals celebrate by flying homemade kites on Good Friday or which President hosts the annual Easter Egg roll, or even which city makes the world’s biggest Easter omelette. Then using our Easter research template they can present their answers as well as finding out more about how children in different countries celebrate Easter.
  3. Watch our short video about how two pupils, Oakley and his brother Brody, celebrate Easter and then use the template or leaflet to write about their celebrations.
  4. Create a poster or a poem about Easter, using our word bank.

Pupils can also get cracking with our creative projects, such as:

  1. Letting pupils design their own Easter Egg and see who can create the most egg-ceptional egg
  2. Use 2Design and Make to design their own egg-stremely useful box to hold their egg in.
  3. Perhaps the most famous egg that features in schools is Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall and had a great fall – or did he? Why not get pupils to use this Humpty Dumpty Mashcam to tell the real story of Humpty Dumpty.

This time of year is one of rebirth in nature as we enter Spring, you can plan activities around the season, such as:

  1. Pupils could draw their typical Spring Scene looking forward to brighter days ahead.
  2. Using our all about seasons writing project, pupils can explain why seasons happen at different times of the year
  3. They could write a poem about Winter turning to Spring.
  4. Life cycles are often studied at this time of year so why not use our leaflet about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Whatever you do to celebrate Easter, we hope you all have an egg-cellent holiday! We would love to see all your egg-ceptional work via Twitter or our Facebook page.