Easter with Purple Mash

March 23, 2021

The days are getting longer, Spring is in the air and the Easter holidays are almost upon us! To see you through to the end of term we have put together a cracking set of Easter-themed activities and resources for your pupils to celebrate this egg-cellent time of the year.

For our youngest users there are a range of egg-stremely useful resources in Mini Mash including labels, pictures and printables for you to use in class.

There are a range of egg-ceptional writing activities in Purple Mash, why not watch the short video with your class and then write a letter to a friend explain the Easter story, or children can use the Easter Story Starter in 2CAS to continue the story. Can your pupils find out in which country locals celebrate by flying homemade kites on Good Friday, which President hosts the annual Easter Egg roll or the city that makes the world’s biggest Easter omelette, then using our Easter research template then can present their answers as well as finding out more about how children in different countries celebrate Easter. Easter remembers the time when Jesus was crucified, children can use this template and imagine they were a reporter covering the story for a newspaper, what would they write?

Pupils can also get cracking with our creative projects our favourite is getting pupils to design their own Easter Egg and see who can create the most egg-ceptional egg? They could also use 2Design and Make to design their own egg-stremely useful box to hold their egg. Children can put themselves into the role of the Easter bunny using our mashcam and show their thoughts and character. There are several games that children can play and then have a go at creating their own using a range of coding skills. Using 2DIY3D they can go on an Easter egg hunt and even carry out an egg hunt using 2GO or help the easter bunny catch all the eggs in 2Code.

Whatever you do to celebrate Easter, we hope you all have an egg-cellent holiday with some well-deserved rest as well as the odd egg or three.